Terms of Reference for the Diocesan Committee for Bioethics

  1. To provide reference materials and a website on bioethics with the assistance of the Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology and Philosophy;

  2. to maintain liaison with related local and overseas Catholic bodies or establishments;

  3. to promote concern for bioethical issues among the general public and among the faithful, as well as the Catholic teaching on those issues, through seminars, panel sessions, etc.;

  4. to make known to the public and the media the position of the Catholic Church on bioethical issues, whenever necessary.




  1. 在聖神修院神哲學院的協助下,提供有關生命倫理的參考書刊及網頁; 

  2. 與本港及外國天主教類似組織保持聯繫;

  3. 透過專題講座及研討會等活動,推廣社會人士及信友對生命倫理的意識培育及對天主教有關教義的認識;

  4. 有需要時,向外界表達天主教會對生命倫理的立場。