Humanae Vitae
    保祿六世, 1968
 Declaration on Procured Abortion
    教義部, 信理部, 1974
 Declaration on Some Questions of Sexual Ethics
    信理部, 1975
 Declaration on Euthanasia
    信理部, 1980
 Donum Vitae
(Respect for Human Life in Origin and the Dignity of Procreation)
    信理部, 1987
 Evangelium Vitae

    若望保祿二世, 1995

 The Dignity of Older People and their Mission in the Church and in the World

    宗座平信徒委員會, 1998

 Considerations regarding proposals to give legal recognition to unions
 between homosexual persons


    信理部, 2003

 Instruction Dignitas Personae on Certain Bioethical Questions
    信理部, 2008